Terms & Conditions

Our STL files are licensed for personal use only. You cannot sell the STL files, use them as assets in your own creations or give them away.



  1. Pagan Miniatures are the owner of the STL files provided. This Kickstarter provides you license to download the files and print them on your own resin printer.

  2. These terms and conditions allow an exception for services provided by others to print files on your behalf, with or without payment rendered. Ownership of the files must remain with whoever purchased the file originally.

  3. You may print the miniatures and give them to those you choose, provided you receive no payment or service for it.

  4. You may not share the files with anyone else, through gifting or selling. This includes uploading them to the internet for free. You cannot rent them, gift them, sell them or transfer them on or off the internet.

  5. The STL files cannot be used in any commercial venture, nor may any miniature that has been printed using the files. The STL files must not be edited and cannot be used in any way to create new content or adapted for another purpose, i.e., as a basis for video games, art, etc.

  6. You cannot make moulds from the STL print to recast them in metal, resin, plastic or any other material.  

  7. You can resize or cut the STLs to enhance the quality of the printed miniature, but you cannot share the modified files in any way.

  8. Pagan Miniatures hold no responsibility for corruption, data loss, damage caused to computer systems, 3D printers, data storage devices or personal health when using our files.

  9. Pagan Miniatures’ STL files are provided ‘as is’. We have no obligation to provide supports for using the STL files, although we will always try to help where possible. We cannot guarantee the STL files will be optimised for use with all 3D printers.

  10. All images, photos, concepts, files, written content and any future media created is the sole property of Pagan Miniatures.

  11. Any theft, redistribution, resale, imitation, licensing, leasing or claimed ownership of Pagan Miniatures’ property is an infringement of copyright law and will be pursued.

Pagan Miniatures reserve the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time.

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