9th June 2021

It's been a busy few weeks. We've fulfilled our digital Kickstarter and have used the funds to pay to ship our original campaign. We've sent almost all parcels to our backers and, today, the last of the parcels due for the USA will all be packed, booked and ready to go. Those parcels will be sent to a distributor in the US who will then manage the shipping.  There are a few others that'll be on their way as soon as we've confirmed those orders. 

Considering the trouble the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, Brexit's effect on our trade agreements, the increase in cost, postage, slowing the speed our manufacturers can work and other untold trials and tribulations...I think, for a pretty young and not-yet-fully-established company that we've navigated the absolute mess that was 2020 pretty well. I'm certainly happy to give ourselves a pat on the back for that. 

*Sigh of relief*

The website has had some work done, but, please don't say it to its face because you might cause embarrassment. However, you could tell us if you like it. 

We've created a new page called Community Spotlight. You'll find a collection of the great images we've been sent from people related to our products and brand on that page. You are all more than welcome to send your own in; we always appreciate what you've done and will proudly show it off.

We're going to be sending out a monthly newsletter and will have a competition too.

The Hobby Corner is running a raffle for hitting 1000 subscribers and we have provided a few of our minis, cast in resin, known as the "Bloody Duel".

We've decided to become a sponsor of The Pickle Jar, a miniature hobby and painting channel run by Loki the cat and her subservient humans, Josh and Wendy. We've come up with some great ways to support the channel and will also be providing exclusive discount codes to their members.