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About us

Pagan Miniatures was formed in 2019 when we were bought an original range of Vikings Miniatures and Werewolves. We quickly began changing details and adding characters to make it our own. Our sculptor has helped to realise our dreams of having a company in the hobby that we love the most; tabletop wargaming and miniatures. We've been incredibly lucky to have a fantastic friend and sculptor in Dan Kelly. Find his website here, his Patreon here, and his Facebook Page here.

Image by Manuel Salinas


We want to be the go-to company for historical Viking and fantasy miniatures. We are going to create more ranges with our focus on Norse Mythology; even a game to compliment! We are also working on the lore and stories around our characters and are building their world around them. Stay tuned! 

Image by Gabriel Tovar


High-quality miniatures are our priority. 
We aim for a friendly, efficient, honest and transparent relationship with all of our customers. We understand that without your support, Pagan Miniatures would not exist. That's why we aim to get back to enquiries ASAP, plus featuring as many of you as we can on our community spotlight page.


Image by Gabriel Tovar